Qatar Information
    Qatar Information

Qatar, a peninsula in the Arabian Gulf, a typical piece of Arabian land. Its history dates back to 4000 BC and is integrally related both to the pre-Islam and post-Islam eras. Many historical references underline the role played by Qataris in spreading Islam, and Qatar's cultural heritage.
Qatar has a number of islands, the most important of which are Halul, Sharouh, Al-Ashat, Al-Safliyah, Al-Aliyah, and Ras Rukn. Qatar's Eastern and Western coastline is 700 km long.


The farthest two points in Qatar are 160 km apart, while the maximum width which roughly is in the middle of the peninsula is 80 km. Beaches and sand dunes are predominantly found along the eastern coast, especially at khor Al-Udeid and Mesaieed.  Qatar’s coastline is mostly flat. Reefs and shoals extend to as much as 48-80 km in some places.  Populated coastal areas have groves of date palms. Doha is the Arabic term for a small circular bay, such as those found at Mesaideed, Ad Doha, Salwa . . etc.


Doha, capital of Qatar,  the seat of government and the main commercial and financial institutions, is situated halfway along the east coast of the Qatar peninsula.  Doha has a large commercial seaport and an international airport which link the country to the rest of the world.  About 80% of Qatar's population live in Doha. Modern life facilities make a short visit to the city an unforgettable experience.